Khushpreet Beauty Salon is your new destination in the heart of Ludhiana that provides a full range of hair, body and facial skincare treatments, all designed to awaken your natural beauty and promote sense of well-being.

Khushpreet beauty salon constantly strives to educate and train their stylists, therapists, and artists about the latest trends and techniques and also the products available in the market. Khushpreet was established 12 years back and has consistently shown growth over the years on year.

We use the best products which utilise the latest in hair, nails, skincare technology delivering superior quality active ingredients to provide a choice of highly personalised result-orientated treatments to enhance give that radiant, beautiful and healthy appearance.

Khushpreet Beauty Salon has remained at the forefront of the hair dressing industry in Northern India, pioneering the professional hairdresser and exceeding all industry standards to make expertise available on a large scale.

The company has evolved over the years by constantly updating its stylists with new techniques and styles, keeping pace with the ever-growing trends in the global market. A creative technician and an advanced salon go hand in hand. Khushpreet Beauty Salon strives to constantly educate and train their stylists about the latest techniques and style with state of the art technology,

Khushpreet has been delivering flawless beauty for years, the reason being the use of best quality products. Every skin is an individual in its own rights,and our practitioners know it. Personalized attention is given to our each customer. Walk in as you are, and walk out as beautiful you want to be.